Since our establishment in 1947, we have been engaging to manufacture jet engine parts, rocket parts, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts for IHI Aerospace and Defense Systems Corporation, IHI Aerospace Corporation, and the Industrial Machinery Production Division of NHK SPRING CO.,LTD.

Especially recent years, we joined eagerly to semiconductor and so on manufacturing with technics and experiences at cultivated aerospace and aviation industry, it is received high evaluation as quality etc.

Aerospace parts and semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts require extremely high quality by their nature and always require severe workmanship. In order to satisfy our customer's requirements, we have been improving our technical capabilities over the years in order to provide the best quality.

We decide our quality policy as “we devote ourselves to quality first and provide the products which customers can be satisfied with” and acquired ISO9002 in 1999 then JIS Q 9001 and JIS Q 9100 which is specialized aerospace and defense industry in 2002.

We will continue to strive for a society in which people around the world can lead happy lives with peace of mind and safety, and a company in which employees can continue to work with enthusiasm, joy, and vigor, while having dreams and hopes for the future.